Games and Sports keep the physical and mental health of the children.  Keeping this in mind Physcial Training and Games are conducted in the Vidyalaya everyday in the morning and evening respectively. Along with the physical and mental development, it develops co-operation among them. Our students participate actively in the Cluster, Regional and National level competitions organized by NVS.  Every year our students participate in SGFI.

     In the morning P.T. the activities like Jogging, Aerobics, Mass drill ,Yoga etc are organized.  Various exercises leading to adoption, progression, specificity, overtraining, balance, cardiopulmonary endurance, aerobic fitness, etc. are also conducted.  Field events like jumps, throws, track events and various games like Volley ball, Foot ball, Kabaddi, Khokho, Badminton, Cricket, etc. are conducted during evening games time. Physical Education Teachers in the Vidyalaya perform various tests to assess the child stamina, endurance, team spirit, coordination, level of confidence and above all inherited capacity of a child to perform in the physical efficiency domain and record the achievements for judging the children potential and physical efficiency.


                                             AHIVEMENTS IN SPORTS AND GAMES DURING 2016-17    


 Though the vidyalaya does not have a proper play ground, the performance of the students in Sports has been remarkable.  Inter house competitions in various disciplines had been conducted. In the NVS Sports  & Games Meet, 17 Boys and 28 girls got selected for the Regional Level meet in various disciplines like Volleyball, Badminton, Chess & Cricket.  Our team  was the runner up in the Girls under 17 category in Volleyball.   The team comprising Master Ganga Neeraj,Class XI and Master Madhav  JR of Class XII   became runner up in Badminton in under 17 Boys category.   I feel proud to state that seven of our girls- Kum Harsha of Class XI, Ku. Anjitha M Chandran, Kum. Manasamithra, BS, Kum. Asna Muhammed and Kum. Anna Jose of Class IX, Kum. Ammu, JB and Kum. Shivananda of Class VII represented the region in the National Level Volleyball Meet in different age groups.    The year long sports activities culminated in the Annual Athletic meet held on 02.01.2017.  Smt. Geetha Sudhakaran, Municipal Chairperson, Kottarakara was the chief guest of the Closing ceremony.